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About Us

  • New GR8VOLT

    The new GR8VOLT brand will ensure energy independence for clients. The Brno start-up Energy Power Solutions is behind it.

  • Energy of the 21st Century

    Through innovative thinking, we connect traditional energy with modern IT methods. We do not allow ourselves to be bound by outdated paradigms and we open the door to the 21st century approach.

  • New Challenges

    Energy is being transformed, decentralized and new technologies are emerging. This brings both opportunities and risks. Pressures on reserved power, reduction of CO2 emissions and more volatile commodity prices become a risk without the use of modern technologies and their proper management.

    Together we can turn them into opportunities!

Who Are We?

We are a young team focused on technological solutions in energy.

We integrate available technologies with the aim of getting the most out of them for your business. We manage renewable resources, decentralized resources and battery storage. This allows us to control when and for how much you buy commodities from the market. This leads to a noticeably better return on your investment, better quality of your network and reduced maintenance costs. We combine experience in energy and data analysis for the efficient functioning of energy units.

What Do We Offer?

  • Reliable power supply in real time.

  • Seamless integration of renewable energy.

  • Balanced supply and demand for energy.

  • Uninterrupted performance.

  • Operational performance and reliability of equipment.

More About Our Products

Who are we here for?

We are here for anyone who is currently worried about energy prices and would like to use alternative sources.
  • Electricity producers

    Power plants, heating plants, wind and solar power plants.

  • Consumers of electrical energy

    Industrial and island networks, processors, hospitals, warehouses, micro networks - commercial buildings, business centers, data centers.

  • Operators

    Transmission and distribution networks - transmission systems, distribution systems, infrastructure for electromobility.

Throw your energy problems at us
- we can handle them!

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