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Battery Storages

We deal with the use of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), which serve to stabilize transmission systems, to accumulate surpluses from distribution systems and electricity from renewable sources. It also serves as a reliable backup in case of network failure.

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Energy Management System (EMS) is our own control system designed precisely for the needs of battery storage and other connected sources (PV, wind power plants) or active loads (electric boilers, induction furnaces, compressors, fast charging stations and others).

EMS obtains all important data from energy sources using smart metering. It thus creates a comprehensive picture of the customer's local electrical network and enables its management. it is a key element of energy resource management.

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Smart Meter

The smart meter was designed and built by our team of experts. A smart meter will ensure long-term, financially inexpensive measurement of your network, on the basis of measured values and established facts about your network, we will propose an optimal solution.

This is our own product that can be plugged into your switchboard. It can measure voltage, current, power factor and more. It sends the measured data to cloud storage, where we can evaluate them. It can be used wherever insufficient network information is known.

Combination of the Future

The combination of energy production from the sun, subsequent accumulation in storage and direct use in electromobility is the combination of the future for us!

In most cities and towns, one of the problems hindering the faster integration of charging stations for electric cars is the insufficient electrical network.

However, building a new electrical network, suitable for electromobility purposes, is expensive both financially and in time, and many times it is not possible at all in the intended location.

We offer the optimal solution to this problem - large-capacity battery storage. This allows on the one hand to balance the load for the local distribution network and at the same time provides more power for electric cars than the input of the available connection. Along with the battery storage, the installation of photovoltaics is also offered.

The storage is gradually recharged with constant input from the available network, part of the electricity is produced by photovoltaics directly on site and without the need for extensive building modifications. Information about available charging storage capacity may be available to EV service network providers.

Our solution thus enables the installation of powerful charging stations even in locations where this would otherwise not be possible.