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We prefer LFP - Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology due to the excellent mix of good price, safety and long life.


The output power from the battery is led to an inverter working in parallel with the network, or to an autonomous system. The technology is designed to allow modular sizing for other target applications as well.


It ensures storage isolation from external influences from the network. Another function is to adjust the voltage level, typically 400V - 22 kV.


It contains protective elements - circuit breakers, protectors, fuses, measurements, busbars.

Switchboard MAR

It ensures measurement and regulation.

Control Panel

The central brain of the entire repository, which you can adapt to current requirements in manual mode.

Air Conditioning

Batteries must be protected from temperature changes. Part of each of our storage facilities is air conditioning, which maintains an ideal temperature inside for all components and especially for the batteries themselves, which require a stable and even temperature distribution.

Fire System

The container contains the 3M Novec 1230 extinguishing system, which is fully automatic. Detection in the container premises is implemented using smoke lines and multi-sensor detectors. Novec liquid is a chemical replacement for halon with zero ozone depletion potential and a short lifetime in the atmosphere.

Battery Storage

Batteries and other technologies are installed in a container, which is designed as a welded steel structure with a built-in internal partition wall for separation of technologies. The container is divided into a battery part and an power part. The container is most often placed on concrete blocks and access to individual technological parts is provided by separate front doors.

Our cabinet solution is perfect for smaller installations and is fully modular in the configuration of the cabinet capacity. In case of a small installed capacity and the technical and spatial restrains of the client, battery storage can also be installed indoor, most often in a dedicated technical room.