Energy Power Solutions

Our Focus

Manu­facturing Companies

With a suitably designed battery storage in combination with renewable sources of electrical energy, we can balance quarter-hour peaks, compensate power factor, regulate frequency or regulate fluctuating voltage in individual phases.

All these functionalities can be controlled from our SCADA from anywhere. This way you can easily get an overview of the entire company and thanks to the historical data available from graphs and statistics, you will know what happened to your network. However, if you do not have accurate data about your network, we can perform automatic measurements at your place for several months and propose the most suitable solution from the measured data.

We can also connect your ERP system directly to our EMS and SCADA, thus delivering important information in real time. Only then will you be able to effectively manage energy costs in your company.

Among other things, we specialize in the management of cogeneration units and three-generation units, which are reliable and highly efficient devices with a minimal negative impact on the environment.

Features you will appreciate the most:
  • Frequency regulation
  • Voltage regulation
  • Black start
  • Ramping control
  • Capacity firming


With the help of battery storage and our EMS, the important elements of every network - voltage, frequency and power factor - can be regulated.

The frequency in the network can fluctuate outside the specified range. The BESS system is capable of returning the frequency to the desired range by means of charging and discharging in real time (within seconds).

Power factor regulation - is one of the important cost-saving measures, the load on the power line is reduced, losses are reduced and the life of the line is increased. This can be achieved by a suitable combination of appliances.

The voltage in the network can fluctuate due to various influences. BESS is able to automatically regulate the voltage by charging and discharging the batteries.

Features you will appreciate the most:
  • Frequency regulation
  • Voltage regulation
  • Power factor regulation
  • Strengthening the transmission system


The advantages for large consumers of electricity are (after connecting the battery storage with the EMS control system) a reduction in reserved power, a reduction in penalties for exceeding consumption limits, an increase in power capacity, an easier construction of charging infrastructure and greater self-sufficiency.

These aspects will be especially appreciated by industrial enterprises, energy-intensive factories, the processing industry, but also hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, charging parks and others.

Features you will appreciate the most:
  • Peak shaving
  • Black start
  • Backup power source
  • Voltage regulation
  • Reactive energy compensation
  • Increase in performance capacity

Solar Energy

By combining solar park technologies with battery storage, we are able to store excess energy and use it in a local energy cluster, or later resell it on the commodity exchange at a much more favorable price.

We manage the connection of solar parks into an island system, a local network or a cluster, or a combination of both. We will help you secure a subsidy for combining photovoltaic energy (PV) and battery storage.

By collecting data, we are able to determine the consumption of the local energy cluster and thus predict the need for energy in relation to the total production for a specific time with regard to the weather forecast.

We are interested in protecting the environment, which is why we work with renewable energy sources - our technologies include the use of wind turbines, solar panels and gas turbines, among others.

Charging Stations

Electromobility is a part of many people's lives these days, unfortunately not everywhere has the possibility to have powerful and therefore fast charging stations. We can deal with that!

Investing in a new electricity distribution infrastructure would be too expensive, and it could take up to several years to build a local energy cluster.

Using battery storage in conjunction with intelligent management, we are able to provide fast and efficient charging anywhere using an existing connection, which we can dynamically exploit with regard to current network conditions.

We can offer both AC charging points in the tens of kilowatts and DC charging points in the hundreds of kilowatts. We are able to pass on information about the current load of the charging station and its capacity to third parties so that the information reaches the driver of the electric car.

We can bring a lot of electricity with a small wire!


Our priority is the security of all devices and all communications at all levels. By introducing Security zones, two-factor authorizations, verification of cryptographic signatures, virtual private network (VPN) and Secure Socket Layers (SSL), we ensure maximum security. Additional approach to security is via customer's access levels.

Secure Communication
  • All communications between the browser and the SCADA system or within the SCADA system itself is encrypted and thus cannot be intercepted. With cryptographic signatures on both sides, this ensures that both ends of the communication can recognize each other, but cannot be read without the key.
  • The entire communication is thus secured by the so-called TLS protocol.
Secure Access
  • Different levels of access and different roles of control. All can be adapted to the needs of the customer (different accesses can be given to management, technicians, service, etc.).
  • Increasing/restricting options for individual users (e.g. by choosing administrator access with the option of controlling and changing lower roles)